Collection Mock-up chairs by Arcnote Studio for Katwood

Mock-up chairs collection was designed by the London based architecture and design studio Arcnote. The studio founders have collected a wide range of experience from working on interior design projects, hence their raising interest in furniture and joinery design. In their work they are known for bold and creative testing of materiality palettes and moods, that are highly cherished being the foundation of every project. The Mock-up Collection is a beautifully minimal and fluid set that, in a confident way, is open for personal interpretation.

The key hallmark of the Mock-up Collection concept is flexibility. Stepping away from a conventional 6 identical pieces approach, it carries a modern touch that adds a dynamic bespoke character to the dining space. Three separate look & feel’s were composed of a variety of matching woods, fabrics and leathers to create a rather curious dining set that is inviting to be personalised uniquely for each customer. Customisation is also enhanced by three back designs, that are versatile to be either married into one set or be used solely. On top of this, the collection includes three chair options: a chair without upholstery, one with upholstered seat and another with both seat and back upholstered. All the above qualities are synchronised into a remarkable number of options for a customer to choose from, yet keeping the design intention of a modern elegant interior piece.

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